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LiveJardin is LiveJournal's oldest and wildest gardening community -- a place to get your hands dirty on the subject of gardening and all things creepy-crawly.

T E R M S . O F . P A R T I C I P A T I O N

This community is open to all members.

This journal is an image-friendly (but not image-heavy) journal. Come here to post pictures of your garden at its best -- or worst as the case may be. Come here to describe what is going on in your garden throughout the seasons, or to ask advice from other gardeners.

Members are encouraged (but not required) to post pictures behind LJ-cut tags. If you have a photo-series of three pictures or more, by all means, do make use of the cut tag. In other words, prune your posts and use common sense!

If you are a low-bandwidth user and it is important to receive text-only postings, it is recommended that you investigate membership at the Gardening community instead. There is a general agreement there to put all images behind cut tags.

It has been asked what the difference between the two communities is, and the difference is admittedly slight. Due to the geographic location and gardening interests of the community's moderator, it might be said that this community is more inclusive of dry-climate gardeners or those cultivating cacti and succulents. But our members have gardening interests of all kinds, and our global membership represents a broad range of cultivating knowledge.

Some of the content between LiveJardin and Gardening is cross-posted -- a phenomenon neither community moderators can control. It is requested that you decide which of your posts are more appropriate for which forum. Like a nightclub, each of the forums has a distinct vibe. Pick one that best suits your groove and post there. In keeping with a wild, inclusive and largely tolerant character of LiveJardin, cross-posts between communities will be tolerated but not actively encouraged nor endured if the practice is abused.

So welcome to the LiveJardin! :-D Come and sit for a spell.
Sorry to lay all the guidelines on you, it's simply not my style. There was a time when this communinty had no guidelines at all, and was simply the LiveJardin. But I do want to help you make the right choice about joining this community, and not be disappointed if it does not suit your needs.

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