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DIY garden projects

Hi plant lovers. :)

Greetings from Portland, Oregon.

I'm a self-taught/noob backyard gardener.

1. I grew up in apartments and condos and never had any sort of yard to manipulate until 2006.

2. My fascination with gardening started after I sat one day and realized the economic, health, and social benefits of growing food.

3. I pretty much decided to do a raised garden bed (Year 1= 2007) and built it with scrap wood donated from my step-dad. (There are lots of online tutorials but if you need help, just ask!)

4. I also have been highly entertained by other garden projects. See: burm, wine bottle fence.

And now, some photos:

3'x5' raised bed, circa June something this year. The row on the right is chives, which sprung up after doing nothing last year (haha). Tomatoes in the back. Onions, yes. Some tiny sprouts, yes. By now, I've got some floundering arugula, & peppers added (I had to yank out some lettuce and other things to make room!) ((Update to come?))

Close-up of lettuce that I've been eating since June. Good god, I've given whole salads away!

Self-made burm with groundcover, bleeding hearts, and beaucoup strawberry plants:

Wine bottle fence:

Thanks for looking! Maybe I'll post an update... some... day...
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