Kevin (low_delta) wrote in livejardin,

digging up the garden

I heard some coworkers talking about getting rototillers for their vegetable gardens. I can't imagine doing it that way. I dig mine with a shovel. It certainly takes longer (my garden in 12' by 12'), but the main reason I do it that way is to get the weeds out. First of all, I don't think a tiller goes as deep as my shovel, and there are a lot of deep weed roots in there. Second, I think many of those weeds will sprout from the little chopped-up sections of roots. I turn a shovelful, break it up and pull the weeds and grass out by hand. It's also nice to move the dirt around. I can raise or lower certain areas, or even out the fertileness.

One guy said he was going to try one of those things you kinda screw in to the ground. Sounded like it would work, but not be too much easier than my shovel. Anyone try one of those?
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